Questions About Pre-FER Furnaces?

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With FER regulations underway, you may have questions about pre-FER furnaces: 

Where Can I Find AHRI Ratings for Pre-FER Furnaces?
Are the AHRI ratings still available for pre-FER furnaces?  Yes, and they are easy to locate on Here's how: 

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Product Information" at the top
  3. Choose "Combination Ratings Database" from the pull-down menu
  4. To see AHRI ratings for pre-FER furnaces, select "Production Stopped" in the yellow task bar. The database will list the AHRI ratings for the pre-FER furnaces that you've selected. 

Select "Product Information" and "Combination Ratings Database" 

 Choose "Production Stopped" to View AHRI Ratings for Pre-FER Furnaces

Can I Still Utilize the AHRI Ratings for Pre-FER Furnaces? 
Absolutely! The "Production Stopped" button has been added to the Combination Ratings Database to show that the units are no longer being manufactured but are still available. The AHRI ratings for pre-FER furnaces are generally available for two years following phase-out.

Are Pre-FER Furnaces Still Available for Sale? 
Yes. Pre-FER furnaces are currently available and will remain on sale until all models built prior to July 3, 2019 have been sold.

Additional Questions? 
Need more information on FER? Check out these resources: 

Stay tuned to to stay informed on pre-FER furnaces and new furnaces redesigned for FER. If you have additional questions, please contact Adam Gaitsch or your regional business manager. We can help!

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