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LinkedIn® Do's and Don'ts

Showcase Your Business and Build Your Customer Network

You probably have a LinkedIn® profile that showcases your work history, professional experience, and skills as an HVAC expert. But what about a LinkedIn page for your business? 

According to Katie Sehl in her article, "How to Use LinkedIn for Business: A Step-by-Step Guide for Marketers," "More than 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business. Not just because it's the preeminent social network for recruiting and hiring top talent. With more than 690 million members, more and more brands are using LinkedIn marketing to network, connect and sell."1

You've been selling yourself on LinkedIn for years, now it's time to increase your professional connections, extend your marketing reach, and showcase your heating and cooling business. Let's get LinkedIn!

Let's Do It: It's easy to create a LinkedIn business account if you don't already have one. Click here to connect to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and design your company page in just a few steps.2

LinkedIn Do's: Use these tips to effectively market your business on LinkedIn.

1. Optimize Your Company Page: Present your business in a current and professional way. Add a company photo, your business mission, and a brief description of the Heil® products and services you provide. Link to your website and other business social media pages so potential customers can easily find more information.

2. Get Connected by Joining and Creating LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn is basically a business networking platform, so start networking! Joining groups allows you to gain connections, find leads, and be an online resource. According to Sehl, "LinkedIn Groups provide your community with an online forum. As a brand, you can be part of the conversation, not just the subject of it, and make meaningful connections with clients."1

And, once you've joined some groups, don't forget to start your own LinkedIn group. That way, you have control over the group and its members and can share valuable content with your best prospects. Click here for more information on creating your own LinkedIn Group.3

3. Post Quality Content Regularly: Create a content calendar and post on LinkedIn at least 3 to 5 times per week. Share the knowledge: don't be afraid to include educational pieces like presentations, case studies and white papers. In her article, "15 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business," Simone Johnson interviewed several entrepreneurs to get their advice on using LinkedIn for business. Michael Riley, Co-founder of Boxter®said, "Good content can be targeted and should accomplish two goals. First, it should teach others how to solve a problem or how to do their job better, and then it establishes you as a thought leader in that space. Each aspect naturally leads to more business if you offer them real value."4

4. Be a Thought Leader: As a business networking platform, LinkedIn allows you to share thoughts, links, and other relevant materials that can help build your profile and your credibility. Be the online heating and cooling expert people turn to when they have questions and need answers on home comfort. Stick to professionally relevant topics rather than politics or other miscellaneous views. 

5. Cross-Promote on Other Social Media Channels: Include a link to your LinkedIn page on your website, your blog, and your Facebook®, YouTube® and other social media pages. Cross-promoting your online marketing efforts:

6. Communicate with Followers Frequently and Be an Active Listener: Interact with your LinkedIn followers regularly and professionally. Actively listen to their heating and cooling questions and try to provide helpful answers. Educate them on when to change the filter or clean around the outdoor unit. Talk to them about new Heil® products and services. Be an online HVAC resource and turn LinkedIn connections into online advocates for your business. 

7. Find Out What's Working: Review analytics monthly to find out what content is performing well and who your audiences are. Use your statistics on posts to continually improve engagement and provide your LinkedIn network with information they find helpful. 

LinkedIn Don'ts: If you want to build your brand and your professional network via LinkedIn, steer clear of the practices listed below. This list of LinkedIn "Don'ts" is typically associated with low engagement.

1. Don't Constantly Promote Yourself: Sell less. Provide more value. In her article, "LinkedIn for Business: Everything You Need to Know," Kiely Kuligowski interviewed several social media experts to get their suggestions on LinkedIn marketing. Kyra Mancine, Social Media Specialist at Oldcastle®, said, "Do not be overly self-promotional. Only 20% of your posts should be sales driven. You want to provide content that is helpful, informational, and interesting. Think about what you like to see in your feed. No one likes to be sold [to] or see commercials all the time."5

2. Don't Let Your Page Become Stagnant: Post regular updates and materials that are relevant to your business and your followers' interests. 

3. Don't Participate in Negative, Political or Social Conversations: Be nice online. LinkedIn is an online forum for sharing business ideas, best practices, and advice. Stay positive, supportive, and professional. Don't get pulled into political or social rants. 

4. Don't Get Cocky with Your Connections: Ensure your LinkedIn group members and connections are genuine and relevant to your business network.

5. Don't Ignore Your Followers: Respond to comments and start a dialogue with your LinkedIn followers. Engaging online is a great way to strengthen connections with existing customers, gain new customers, and showcase your organization's personality.

These are just a few LinkedIn Do's and Don'ts to help you boost your business online. LinkedIn is a great tool for business marketing. It can help you showcase your business and build your customer network. Get LinkedIn today!

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